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Kadika is a fantasy graphic novel.
Kadika's homeland, Sesurza, is where her people, Alvers, live. They remain there and do not go beyond the Abere river, because of what is over there. regardless, they go on with their way of life -- peacefully.
There are Enochians who live behind the mountains -- whose beauty is presumed to be overwhelming because of their translucent wings. They only knew of them based on mere sightings.
And then, in the last couple of years, a couple of their people did not came back from foraging in the forest -- precisely by the Abere river. there are some of them who believe it was their fate because they went too close to the river. However, there are others who did not think so and wish to take action.
A mission was formed to investigate -- hoping to find their missing people. They also train to defend themselves against anything that might come their way -- to whatever the answer could be as to why their people are disappearing.
This is where Kadika's story begins...


I wrote, drew, and digitally worked on it by myself. It took me a very long time to complete this graphic novel. I couldn't do it without the support of art patrons, my friends, and family. Thank you!!

Due to inquires, I do not have P.atreon, however, with this link -- there is an option of monthly donation!
Thank you for your support!

Pamela G. Macias is an artist, her passion lies in hand illustration and her style is mostly pop surrealism & mystic nature and cycles. Because American Sign Language is her first language, she has a visual and perceptual appreciation on life. Art nouveau, traveling, and languages are her inspirations.
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