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Kadika is a graphic novel with first four chapters being released this year.
The story is at the homeland of Kadika's where the societies of Alvers and Enochians intertwined. Her clan, Alvers, had only heard of Enochians by legends. There are rumors that the beauty of Enochians is overwhelming because of their celestial wings.
In the last couple of years, one by one of Alvers had gone missing and this had split them -- those who believes that is of destiny and those who had enough of it.
So they, including Kadika, establish a mission to go beyond the forest to seek the Enochians. They has suspected the Enochians has something to do with the missing Alvers.
This is where their story starts.



This is a childhood dream of mine to tell Kadika's story. I decide to show the first four chapters for free because as one read on, you could see the style was gradually changing -- the drawing, composition, and the graphics. I did it and it took forever: the writing, drawing, designing, and editing. This has took me several years (leaving it in dust, returning back to it, and finding the precious time to complete it -- and repeat) to finally finish the first volume.
My goal is to publish this into a book -- hopefully soon with your support! Enjoy!

Thank you for your support!

Pamela G. Macias is an artist, her passion lies mostly in pop surrealism & mystic nature. Because American Sign Language is her first language, she has a visual appreciation on several things. Art nouveau, traveling, and languages are her inspirations.
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